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He is, in fact, a colored cat with very large patches of white, a pattern caused by the piebald white spotting gene. The cat is white except for a colored tail and color on the head.

turkish van kitten among dasies and rose hip Super cute

This type of color pattern is so distinctive that when it appears in other cat breeds it’s often called a “van” pattern.

Turkish van cat black and white. Browse turkish van kittens for sale & cats for adoption. Keen on water and behaviors similar to dogs, turkish vans will always give you something to smile about. Full grown turkish van cat.

A turkish van has blue or gold eyes, and sometimes will have one of each color. The turkish van is a striking, silky cat with a white body and coloured head and tail persian and turkish van cats cross breed, white color and cat w. If turkish vans are exactly what you're looking for, then the search stops here at ypsivans turkish van cattery.

About the turkish van cat breed. While most cats run at the first sight of water, the turkish van is a strong and capable swimmer, earning this breed the nickname the swimming cat. this is one aspect of the turkish van cat personality that makes her so unique. The turkish van cat is a beautiful, unique natural breed with some very unusual traits.first is their color pattern, which is a white body with red, grey or black markings only on the head and tail.

Turkish van cats are an ancient breed. The turkish van is a natural breed from the rugged, remote, and climatically varied region of the middle east. Finding a turkish van cat breeder with swimming cats for sale can be a difficult task.

The turkish van's coat and coloring are the highlight of this cat. Their history goes back to the mountainous lake van region of eastern turkey. Turkish van cats weight and size are slightly larger than other species.

They can also have a few spots of color on the body. Full grown beautiful turkish van cat sitting on white. A white body with colored markings confined to the head and tail.

People also love these ideas pinterest. You might think that the turkish van is a white cat with patches of color, but genetically you would be wrong. We offer beautiful turkish vans at our ypsilanti, mi cattery and guarantee that the moment you meet these unique cats you will fall in love.

The turkish van is a rare natural breed which developed over millennia in southeast turkey and neighboring countries. Long hair turkish van cat. The turkish van is as energetic as it is old.

You can also identify a turkish van by its facial structure, body type, and head shape. However, it is the turkish van’s coat and coloring which are the highlight of this cat breed. It's her soft coat, in particular, that allows the turkish van to enjoy water sports.

The turkish van is a very active cat that enjoys playing games and showing off their athletic abilities. Vans are medium in size, but sturdy and muscular. Cats with a van pattern carry a piebald gene, which is the same gene that causes the white color on cats with tuxedo (black with a white belly) or bicolor (a color plus white) patterns.

The breed is known for its unique, distinctive pattern; Black and white turkish van cat. This breed has a soft, white coat with a colored tail and colored ears.

Color(s) the turkish van is always pure white as the base color — covering the body from the neck to the tail — with a variety of. This is due to the. The most beautiful of cats the van cat is a purebred cat that lives only in the van sea basin, the van cat breed is well known for loving water and it’s considered as a rare cat breed.

White turkish angora cat sitting looking at the camera licking its lips isolated on a white background. The ears remain feathered with fur, so that even with its summer coat, the van looks soft and fluffy. Crazy cat lady crazy cats turkish van cats smart garden catus white cats beautiful cats my animal i love cats.

The term “van” has been adopted by a variety of breeds to describe white cats with colored head and tail markings. Otvc (other turkish van colors): These gorgeous cats are known for their unique coat pattern:

See more ideas about turkish van cats, turkish van, cats. 112 the breed is rare, and is distinguished by the van pattern (named for the breed), where the colour is restricted to the head and the tail, and the rest of the cat is white; Odd eyed turkish van cat in basket.

Today the cats are recognized by most north american cat registries. A white cat with a black tail. Group of turkish van kittens.

In this section you can find images and photos of gato van turco. Colored turkish angoras were accepted in 1978. Cute white turkish van cat with long orange tail.

The cfa began registering the cats in 1968 and granted full recognition to white turkish angoras in 1972. The classic coloring is white all over, with dark coloring on the tail and on the top of the head, and less frequently, on the back between the shoulder blades. The result is a cat whose body is mostly white, with colored markings on the head and tail.

Images and photos of cats van turkish. The beautiful turkish van cat is a little known race, fond of water and being a swimmer, is originally from turkey, is a playful, friendly, curious and intelligent kitten. Click on the image to see it in full resolution.

A turkish van is a large, muscular cat known for its love of water.

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