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A very slow growing species it is among the oldest living animals on the planet. Leiopathes glaberrima is a species of black coral of the order antipatharia found in the northern atlantic ocean and the mediterranean seas deep water habitats.

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The genus name means smooth disease.

Leiopathes. Common and scientific names of aquatic invertebrates from the united states and canada. Uksi download child taxa of leiopathes download species of leiopathes search for child taxa of leiopathes classification unranked biota kingdom animalia phylum cnidaria class anthozoa order antipatharia family leiopathidae genus leiopathes species leiopathes glaberrima esper 1788. The researchers showed that the individual colony longevities are on the order of thousands of years.

Leiopathes is a genus of hexacorallians belonging to the anthozoan clade antipatharia it is the only genus in the leiopathidae family. Calder anita brinckmann voss clovis b. Cairns stephen d dale r.

However in march 2009 around 4 265 years old specimens of leiopathes glaberrima were found at depths of nearly 300 to 3 000 m 984 to 9 840 ft making them some of the oldest living organisms on earth. Variability in growth may therefore be random or responding to microenvironmental factors however determining factors that control black coral growth rate variability is beyond the scope of this study. Leiopathes 3 is the only leiopathes coral that shows fast growth early in life followed by a period of slow growth.

Cnidaria and ctenophora second edition 2002.

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