How To Tell Male And Female Iguanas Apart

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Sexually mature females retain more of the characteristics of juveniles. If you notice your iguana has laid eggs then you can know with absolutely certainty that you own a female iguana.

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Males have highly developed femoral pores in this area that secrete scent females also have fermoral pores but they are small in comparison to those of the males and are often covered in a waxy.

How to tell male and female iguanas apart. They also have smaller heads and do not have bumps on top of their heads. Female iguanas are the only ones who lay eggs. Once the male is sexually mature you will notice that he has a larger head and pronounced jowls.

He will also have larger femoral pores which are located on the underside of his hind legs. Common problems in male female iguanas duration. It isn t possible to determine the sex of young iguanas or iguanas younger than 1 2 years of age as all of the characteristics are identical.

How to keep iguanas healthy. Male iguanas also begin to have a larger head with a couple of fatty deposits clearly pronounced behind their eyes above their eyes and on their forehead. The muscles are swollen looking and form jowls.

Females are also shorter with many only reaching about 5 feet in length. Female iguanas on the other hand grow in size but do not develop anything of irregular size such as muscles and jowls. The sex of female iguanas is usually based on the absence of the physical characteristics found in males.

Iguana care tutorial live for 20 years duration. The body of a female iguana for example is usually smoother and more slender. Female iguanas tend to have longer slimmer bodies than their male counterparts.

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